Happy Children’s Grief Awareness Day

Art and the kids, Summer 2008 After Art died, I was incapable of processing my kids’ grief.  For nine months I was barely able to comfort them when they needed me. Their presence was NOT a… Read more

Grocery shopping

6 Help Her/Him Hacks

Helping a friend with cancer (or dealing with loss) is really not THAT hard.  Here are a few cancer helping hacks that make it really easy to do while you “do” your own life!   #1 Grocery… Read more

found keys

Helping is Not Always Easy

I found these keys on my walk to work this morning. The only identifier was the Ralph’s card. There were a lot of keys on this key chain and someone was seriously bumming out. I could feel… Read more

Helping Chutzpah

7 Ways to Build Your Helping Chutzpah

My friend has cancer and … it’s not going well. She’s doing an experimental treatment. She doesn’t have enough energy to return to work. She’s worried about running out of money and… Read more

What To Say


What NOT to Say If It’s Cancer or …

Another Life Threatening Disease This is a photo of the cancer that killed my husband. This is all the innocently harmful stuff people said to us: (represents the true interpretation of the… Read more

Newton, CT and What To Do To Help

Newtown Shooting | The Victims Charlotte Bacon, 6 Daniel Barden, 7 Olivia Engel, 6 Josephine Gay, 7 Ana Marquez-Greene, 6 Dylan Hockley, 6 Madeleine Hsu, 6 Catherine Hubbard,… Read more

What Not To Say


What to Do When Someone Drops Dead

It  happened to someone I know … on Monday. Past the tears, the “OMG’s” and holding of each other, conversation began to turn to taking action.  As I sat back, as an observer, I watched… Read more