Little Miss Helpful

5 Habits of Radically Helpful People

When our friend is going through a crisis, we want to be helpful but it seems like some people just have more of a knack for it than others.  Here are the 5 most common habits that those radically… Read more

joan rivers

Lessons Joan Rivers Taught Me

It’s been a rough 30 days in the comedy world, first Robin Williams died and now Joan Rivers. (I have this image of Joan giving Robin a dope slap for ending his life and then Robin giving her the… Read more

human brain

Do Not Feel Your Feelings!

  “The human brain isn’t built to sustain a single feeling over long term.” Dan Gilbert TED Radio Hour How Does Misfortune Affect Long Effect Long-Term Happiness?   “THANK… Read more

What Would You Say to This Guy?

This guy has ALS and he’s terrified. And so am I. After watching his video, I began to wonder what would I say to him if he was my friend and had just told me he had this horrible disease? (Click… Read more

What To Say

What Not To Say


She’s Having A Double Mastectomy

“I’m having a double mastectomy on Wednesday.” David Jay’s Scar Project To read a Q&A about the photographer, click here. To go to his website, click on the photo. It was a phone… Read more