Helping Chutzpah

7 Ways to Build Your Helping Chutzpah

My friend has cancer and … it’s not going well. She’s doing an experimental treatment. She doesn’t have enough energy to return to work. She’s worried about running out of money and… Read more

What To Say

Conversations about Death and Dying

This is Laurel Lewis.  She hosts Death and Dying Dinner Parties where people can have open and honest conversations about…well death and dying. We had tea at Cafe Bolivar in Santa Monica,… Read more

What Not To Say



After crowding, being professionally edited twice and over 25 design revisions my book, 100 Acts of Love: A Girlfriend’s Guide to Loving Your Friend through Cancer or Loss in now on sale! Order… Read more

ok ok ok

Don’t say “It’ll be OK”

Do you really know it’ll be OK? When your friend is in pitch-black pit of despair, sobbing, hysterical and very, very scared, we are desperate to make them feel better.  So we say things… Read more