Hamer-Nagle Xmas 2000 2

Children’s Grief Awareness Day

This was our family in 2000.  My daughter had just turned one and my son was almost 4, my other son was still an egg in my ovary. This is the first time I have looked at a family photo and NOT… Read more

“I suck at sympathy.”

“I suck at sympathy.  Not because I don’t feel it, but because I don’t know how to show it correctly.” That one thought kills more good deeds than any other.   It is an excuse.  It… Read more

What To Say

#2 Check Their Comfort Food Stock

Mi casa may be su casa but your groceries  may not be their groceries. Go grocery shopping for them But before you go off,  note what brands they typically buy.  (If you’ re Skippy Gal then… Read more

I'm sorry

Way #12 Say “I’m so sorry.”

These words are often the first anyone says to someone and they are good ones. They have power, with the right emotion and inflection When you say “Sorry” you are acknowledging that she is… Read more

What Not To Say