What Would You Say to This Guy?

This guy has ALS and he's terrified. And so am I. After watching his video, I began to wonder what would I say to him if he was my friend and had just told me he had this horrible disease? (Click here to learn about ALS) My answer … I don’t know. Me, the queen of ‘Say something,’ would Read more [...]

Give Her Cash, Then Run Away …

    Before she can give it back! Cash is great for two reasons. Your friend will use it. If she really needs it, she will hopefully only put up a little fight before moving on and keeping it. You can mail it (I know it’s not secure, but the odds are in your favor), slip Read more [...]

Help Her with Her Taxes

No one's really fund of doing their taxes...that includes cancer patients.  So... Help Her Do Her Taxes 5 ways you can take action. Find a preparer that is super familiar with all the kinds of medical tax deduction she can take. Help her gather and organize her receipts. Prepare a list Read more [...]

Warm Her Heart, Pay Her Heating Bill

  Staying warm cost money! Record lows are being set on the east coast. Shelters have been set up for the homeless so they do not die of hypothermia.  Schools have been closed. Did you know that it was projected that it would cost roughly $2651 to heat by oil this winter season?  (According Read more [...]