Little Miss Helpful

5 Habits of Radically Helpful People

When our friend is going through a crisis, we want to be helpful but it seems like some people just have more of a knack for it than others.  Here are the 5 most common habits that those radically… Read more

What To Say

#30 Have Faith…

In who you are and what you mean the person you want to help. When was the last time you told your friend why you liked them? When was the last time you said “I like you… Read more


She’s Having A Double Mastectomy

“I’m having a double mastectomy on Wednesday.” David Jay’s Scar Project To read a Q&A about the photographer, click here. To go to his website, click on the photo. It was a phone… Read more

What Not To Say

ok ok ok

Way #7 Don’t say “It’ll be OK”

Do you really know it’ll be OK? When your friend is in pitch-black pit of despair, sobbing, hysterical and very, very scared, we are desperate to make them feel better.  So we say things… Read more