Conversations about Death and Dying

This is Laurel Lewis.  She hosts Death and Dying Dinner Parties where people can have open and honest conversations about…well death and dying. We had tea at Cafe Bolivar in Santa Monica,… Read more

What To Say

I'm sorry

Way #12 Say “I’m so sorry.”

These words are often the first anyone says to someone and they are good ones. They have power, with the right emotion and inflection When you say “Sorry” you are acknowledging that she is… Read more

say something

Way #12 Say SOMETHING!!

Two days ago, I told you what not to say and you may now be completely gun shy, afraid you will say something stupid.  But don’t let that stop you.  Do SAY SOMETHING. Robert Berman Gallery,… Read more

What Not To Say


In the next two weeks, I will be posting regularly again.   I’ve been busy writing a book and re-imagining a website launch.   Please check back on July 29.  Your friend needs… Read more