6 Ways to Help A Family In Crisis: #4 Fire Up Your Pen

 And help her fill in camp registration forms or fill out school enrollment forms.


From Blue Rose on We Heart It

Sometimes doing the simplest things can be overwhelming.

Help your friend out in making summer plans for her kids in what ever way you can.    Helping with summer, winter or spring break camp registration is big.  And by all means, don’t do it alone – get the support you need from her friends to get things done! Can you:

Take her child camp shopping?

Run an errand or twenty?

Fill out the registration forms?

Make a check list so she can keep track and then check in a few days before everything is due?

Be her sanity sounding board? “Is 15 pairs of underwear too much?”

Fire up that pen and get writing in her place!



This month’s theme: How to Help A Family In Crisis




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