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#2 Be Her Lift/Uber Driver's amazing to me how much energy it takes to just drive. When we're healthy, we think nothing of it unless we drive farther than usual.

But when you are dealing with the side effects of chemo, a drive to the grocery store can feel like a 12 hour drive to ...

Want to help her deal with a little less exhaustion?

Be her Uber driver

Only, don't charge for it.

Now, if your friend is like most people with cancer, you will have to offer this more than once. There are several ways you can do this.

  1. You can call her up and tell her this is what you'd like to do for her.

  2. You can ask her when her next chemo treatment is and ask if she'd like a ride.

  3. You can offer a ride to some where else. (A friend's house, a school play, to the beach, the mountains.) You get the idea!

No matter what you choose, be sure to offer several times.

I like this tip because it allows you to be very specific and the more specific you are, the more likely your friend with cancer will remember your offer and reach out to you.

Plus, it'll give you the chance to just talk. Only...make sure you don't pepper her or him with questions about their treatment. Pretend, for just a moment, that she or he is just your normal healthy friend!

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