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Three Easy Ways to Practice Employee Gratitude

I found this note from my daughter again the other day.

I say, “again” because I found it 3 years ago and saved it.

It makes me feel gushy inside!

A study by the American Psychological Association found that 93% of employees who reported feeling valued said “they are motivated to do their best at work,” and 88% reported “feeling engaged."

Feeling valued

  • increases engagement and

  • drive discretionary output.

When there has been a death on your team, your team is stressed out.

Appreciation matters a gazillion times more.

Here are three simple ways to show appreciation for your team dealing with their grief AND still getting work done.

#1 - A handwritten note

As the frequency of texts and instant messaging (and responding) increases, so does the value of a handwritten note! There is something meaningful about receiving a handwritten note. Something like “This has been a challenging time for our team. Thank you for showing up daily. I appreciate you” can mean a great deal to your employees.

#2 - Token of Appreciation

Small gifts are another way to show appreciation; essential oil candles, movie tickets, or a gift card to a favorite store will leave a team feeling seen.

#3 - Quality Time

Who doesn’t like quality time? Order lunch and meet your team in the conference/Zoom room. Relax and shoot the poop! Mention that this was your way of thanking them for their hard work during this trying time.

Look, ignoring death or other bad things is the WORST thing you can do.

Walking into the discomfort and acknowledging how hard everyone is working is one of the

BEST things you can do.

It IS that simple.

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