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Hi. My name is Kim Hamer, and I am a cancer support professional. That’s a fancy way of saying I help friends, family members, and co-workers figure out how to provide meaningful and truly helpful support to those with cancer.  I also help HR professionals navigate employee cancer in the workplace, but that’s a different website.   

If you are unsure about what to say or where to start to help someone who has cancer, this is the right place for you! 


100 Acts of Love shows anyone how easy and vital it is to offer support to a friend dealing with cancer.


My mission is to remind you how much you matter to your friend with cancer and to help you find creative, simple, and meaningful ways to show up. 






The company’s name stems from my experience as a cancer caregiver to my husband, Art.  When my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV Large B-Cell Lymphoma, we needed a lot of help.


Many friends, acquaintances, and co-workers came up with creative and simple ways to support Art, myself, and our three young children. I called these actions “acts of love” because they felt like little acts of love.  

Those acts of love were invaluable in relieving some of the darkest moments in our lives. 
But I also noticed that most people didn’t know what to say or how to help. I set out to remedy this because the support we received was so simple and powerful.  And that is how 100 Acts of Love was born. 


On April 16, 2009, Kim Hamer watched her 44-yr-old husband take his last breath.  Their children were 12, 9, and 7 at the time.  While her husband had cancer and after he died, they were amazed and humbled by the creative and thoughtful ways their friends, family, and co-workers supported them. Kim started calling these kind actions “acts of love.”


Wanting to show others how easy, simple, and impactful acts of love are, Kim wrote

100 Acts of Love: A Girlfriend's Guide to Loving Your Friend through Cancer or Loss and launched, with a mission to help people and companies to understand how to help when cancer strikes. 

Kim is a professional speaker, and writer who lives in Los Angeles and tries not to bother her relatively well-behaved college-aged children.