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Thank you for signing up for the Coworker-Friend Live Session.  I am so excited for you. 


During this course you will learn:


  • What not to say and why we often say the wrong thing

  • What to say and how to know it’s the right thing to say

  • And all the simple, easy ways you can support your coworker or friend.  


Here is what to do next.


  1. CHECK YOUR EMAIL! Everything you need will be there! Don't see an email, check your spam folder.  

  2. ADD 100 ACTS OF LOVE to your "good" list so you won't miss a single email!

  3. GET PREPARED to learn a different way to show up for anyone in crisis!  

I am so excited to share with you everything I know about how to show up when it's important!  

See you soon!  

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