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This is The Ranch

My cousin owns a 90-acre ranch in Amador County.

Our family has been going there for 20 years. (Since Ezra was 1.)

Some of Art's ashes were spread there.

It's hard to describe the peace and joy it has given me.

This is where the kids learned to feed horses, sheep, goats, and barn cats. They learned to cut wood, ride ATVs, and shoot guns. (Actually ... barn cats don't need to be fed; they feed on the mice! And the sheep and goats don't get fed either as they eat grass all day!)

This is our second "place."

Photos top left to right.

  1. My cousin, her husband, and the kids pre-Christmas eve brunch.

  2. 2. The burning of an old decrepit picnic bench down by the lake that needed to be burned.

  3. Watching the picnic bench burn and drinking eggnog on Christmas Day. It was rotting and was dangerous to sit on.

  4. A view from the kitchen window. You can see the goats grazing.

  5. Standing over our trophies, the gingerbread houses we shot with guns. (You can just barely make them out!)

  6. My kids and I at the airport before my oldest left.

This will not be the last time you hear about or experience The Ranch!

Happy New Year to you! Let's make other people feel loved in 2024!

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