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A Simple Way to Feel Special

I have this "idea" notepad that hangs in my shower. Ya know when you get that inspiring idea or remember the one thing you keep forgetting to add to your grocery list? It's for that.

This morning it fell. A few pages flopped when I picked it up, and I noticed writing on a page a few pages back.

I found this note four pages back.

It says, "Well, I love you and think you are brave and courageous. I could not ask for a better mother."

It's from my daughter. She wrote it before she left for college back in July. This note has been sitting there waiting for me to discover it.

I read it today when she needs help, and I don't know how to help her, making me feel angry, guilty, and powerless.

Tucking a note away to be found later is a meaningful and powerful way to love-up anyone! (Child, friend, co-worker, employee, sibling, neighbor, etc.)

Because of COVID, tucking a note is a bit more complicated. But If you have a sticky, an index card, or a piece of paper and an envelope, that is all you need.

COVID has all of us missing our peeps, feeling lonely and isolated at times. The fastest way I know to feel connected is to stop staring at your navel and send some love to another person.

So if you feel overwhelmed, scared, lonely, or isolated, take contrary ACTION and love someone else.

You go do that. This brave and courageous mother has some brainstorming to do to help her daughter.

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