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Act of Love #67 Put Up Holiday Decorations

Does anyone else feel like Halloween was only two weeks ago?🙄

Since the holiday season is upon us, Act of Love #69 is all about holiday decorations!

Christmas decorations are popping up all over my neighborhood!

Helping your employee or friend dealing with grief or death put up decorations is a fun and super-friendly thing to do. 

The "thing" they are going through is an energy sapper, which can make getting decorations out of storage and putting them up challenging.  

So, offering to do it for or with them is an excellent way to spread some holiday cheer.  

Before you go riding in on your Christmas horse, I suggest the following:

  • Make sure they celebrate/decorate Christmas! (Seriously, don't assume unless you all go to the same church!)  

  • Make sure you have a chunk of time to commit. A friend's holiday decorations take 6 hours to put up.

  • Consider hiring someone to decorate the outside of their home. This is an excellent gift for colleagues or organizations wanting to show support but not wanting to be all up in your employee's business! (DM me if you live in LA, I know a guy who knows a guy!)

  • Offer more than once! Accepting support to putting up holiday lights can be hard because it could be a break in tradition, so offer more than once! (But don't get creepy about your offer!)

Holidays are hard for those "goin' through it" because we all seem crazed. However, that is EXACTLY what makes this such a sweet gift. You thinking about them during a crazed season is all the more special!

Put up the tree and untangle the lights. Remember them during this holiday season!

You matter! Really, you do!

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