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Empathy Postcard Book by Emily McDowell & Friends. Love this!

Cards are a great gift for cancer patients. But not all cards are equal!

Sending cards to a friend with cancer can be challenging and the choices often border on cheesy or overly generic.

That's what makes these Empathy Postcards by Emily McDowell so wonderful. These cards allow you to show empathy but also to not sugar coat your friend's situation. And your friend with cancer will appreciate that!

These cards offer an easy answer to the "what to say to someone with cancer" question many have.

And with these cards, you can express your love and support your friend with cancer from afar or close by. One of our friends said these cards have been "total pick-me-ups on bad days." Who doesn't want to give a friend a quick pick-me-up?

One of my favorite cards says:

"When people say 'It's a marathon, not a sprint," I don't thing they get how much you hate running."

Funny and real. That's what you get with Emily McDowell. There are 10 different designs in each booklet. (Note that since these are larger than normal postcards you will need regular postage to send.)

One issue I had with them is it can be hard to remove an individual card. However, I found a trick. If you move a singular card back and forth a few times along the binding, then grasp the card as close to the binding as possible and gently pull you can remove a card without tearing it. I haven't ruined a single card from this booklet!

There are people who know just what encouraging words to write to a cancer patient. These cards are for the rest of us!

I purchased four booklets because even a person with experience runs out of things to say sometimes.

Get your copy here. They are currently sold out on her site!

Click here to purchase postcards that show how much you care!

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