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Tip #7 Break Her Fast

When it comes to meals, EVERYONE thinks dinner but what about the most important meal of the day...breakfast!

Consider these tips belwo before you prepare to break her fast (get the play on words?)

1. Is she eating breakfast? Chemo and radiation can wreak havoc on a normal apetite so check in with her.

2. Don't assume you know what she wants, ask!

3. If she or he has a family, find out what they eat and THE BRANDS of what they eat.

Nothing says comfort more than eating the things you usually eat!

4. Consider being her/his breakfast supplier. Most people focus on dinner giving you ample opportunity to be the magic breakfast fairy. And trust me, she/he will totally appreciate it.

5. As with all tips, remember to offer often via text or email or call). Remember that recieving help is much harder than you think, even when you know you need it.

And always, always, always remember that


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