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What to Say to a Grieving Person: The Power of 'Pebbling'

Adam Grant Pebbling LinkedIn Penquins

Last week, Adam Grant shared this post about pebbling.

And I thought, wait, that is what I advise people on what to say to a grieving person! I tell them to pebble their grieving friends.

Sharing memes, links, and videos is just like penguin pebbling—a little token that says, "Hey, I'm thinking of you and want to share this smile." Every funny cat video and insightful article is a pebble on the path to connecting, even in grief.

So, do you "pebble" after someone experiences a loss?

Heck yeah! Pebbling is a perfect way to show you're there for a grieving friend or colleague.

It's ok to make them laugh. Here is one epic "post-loss pebbling" ideas:

** Found something that cracked you up? Send it their way, with a note saying it made you think of them. (Seriously, it's not disrespectful!)

** My brother-in-law, Michael, pebbles me every week with funny, intellectual, and weird IG posts.

But heads up, pebble with caution!

** Remember, the goal is to lighten their load, not add to it. So don't send an article that shows them how to get over their grief or asks them to do something.

So, how do you pebble (loss or not)?

Share a cool idea – maybe it'll help someone else pebble better.

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