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Tip #8 Make It Rain

The term is not just for strip clubs!

The number one reason for personal bankruptcy is medical debt. Take that in for a moment...medical debt. Even if she has insurance, she may still be paying for medical procedures and drugs until she reaches her out of pocket maximum which could be $1M!!

Give her money!

Now before you go running off to stuff cash in her underwear, consider these three things:

  1. She is probably already overwhelmed with offers of help and struggling with feeling like she deserves the attention and support.

  2. Pride, even the smallest amount, can be a bear to get around.

  3. Most people have a hard time admitting to financial stress.

Given the above, the key word here is ...


My suggestion is that you give her cash anonymously. Or give her money and then run away and dodge her for a few days. The beauty of cash is that once it's in her hands, it will probably be spent.

Or you can always take the straight-forward approach which is putting an envelope with cash in her hand and saying something like this:

"I know that financial stress may be keeping you from focusing on healing. I know this will not take it completely away, but I hope it will help. Please, please, please take this gift and use it as you see fit. I've been losing sleep worrying over you and this will help me sleep better!"

Hug her. Tell her you love her. Then walk away.

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