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Dealing with Death as A Child

Stephan Colbert and Anderson Cooper talk about death. They still cry about the loss of their parents and siblings. So no, it's never too late to reach out to your friend who has lost.

Below are the places in the interview where I cried or felt like they read my journal or scrabbled for a piece of paper to write down wisdom spoken .

If you have lost, these two put the words you have wanted to say in your mouth, if you haven't suffered a deep loss ... yet, this interview offers you a few helpful tools.

00:25 - Powerful thing about sharing grief.

01:45 - How a person counts before and after death.

02:30 - Triggers STILL trigger after years and years!

03:47 - Mary Gordon quote: Fatherless child thinks all things possible and nothing is safe.

04:43 - Bravery.

10:17 - Why having healing conversations with a person who has lost is so powerful.

10:38 - You have two options when you meet someone who has lost.

10:55 - Why talking about the person who died is a GOOD thing. They are thinking about him all the time.

11:41 - Scars! Silent signal that I am not the same person I was.

12:45 - The bravest thing you can do!

13:08 - MY FAVORITE QUOTE!!! Love the thing that you most wish had not happened.

14:06 - Gratitude

14:25 - The real gift of loss.

14:53 - Imperfectly acknowledge a person's suffering and connect with them.

15:13 - Being the most human you can be.

18:51 - Death brings awareness.

19:31 - You want more.

19:45 - Loss can leave one feeling loss of others.

21:05 - Friends in loss.

I love the thing that I most wish had not happened.

Art's death was his last greatest gift to me.

It has allowed me to become me.

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