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5 Silly Texts to Send to Your Friend with Cancer

You want to support your employee, coworker, or friend with cancer, but you're not gonna offer to make or send a meal, offer the clean their bathroom or drop off groceries. So what do you do?

Cancer is a serious disease, and most people who interact with a person with cancer are serious. It feels like that's what the situation warrants. But does it really? All the time?


Sometimes you need to break out the silly.

Sometimes you need to find the funny and absurd in a bad situation.

Sometimes a text is just the way to do it.

Beyond loving texts (which I am all for, but they can seem a bit insincere if you send them all the time), why not send fun texts that will make them laugh!

Sending a text is a great way to break the ice, especially if you don't know what to do or what to say. It will help you decrease the fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, and it will help the person with cancer lower their defense against stupid comments.

Here are five funny things to say (according to me) to send to your employee or friend with cancer.

Cause...laughter is the best medicine!

1. A joke. As you may know, I am a fan of silly jokes! Knock, knock jokes will leave them wondering about your sanity, which will distract them from their cancer! That's a good thing.

2. "I just made up a song about killing cancer that's hurting you. Wanna hear it?"

3. "I just read about this great cure for cancer on the Internet that I think you should try... just kidding!"

4. "If you're too tired to stand up to cancer, I'm happy to sit down with you and watch a movie to cancer."

5. "I just rented a convertible for the weekend. Now we can drive the rest of your hair out of your head."

Look, empathy has its place but so does laughter.

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