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5 Services to Feed Your Friend With Cancer

Next time your friend with cancer needs food, you can skip the cooking!

I have a confession to make. When someone asks me to bring something for potluck, I panic. I don't enjoy cooking for myself or for others. It’s just not my thing. But I can pick up an apple pie from a grocery store like nobody's business!

If you’re a non-Gordon Ramsyian like me, there’s good news when a friend with cancer needs food, cooking a meal is not necessary. There are many other great alternative ways to help with food and they all deliver!

I know you’re probably familiar with them because they deliver food from restaurants but did you know they do grocery delivery as well, and alcohol and even delivery from markets like this one? Cause you never know when your friend with cancer will need some meat.

Instacart is like a personal grocery shopper. You place the order, an Instacart employee shops for you, (including weighing out .25lbs of walnuts if you need them). You can also choose when you’d like the food delivered. They have employees at many grocery stores across the nation. In LA that includes Gelson’s, Ralph’s, Smart & Final and Whole Foods.

Amazon Prime members have access to Amazon Fresh! Customers receive a free two-hour grocery delivery with Amazon Fresh. It used to cost $14.99 but now it’s FREE! You have to be an Amazon Prime member though. However, they don’t deliver to buildings with secure entries but they will gladly leave groceries with a doorman or security guard.

I have a special place in my heart for these folks. They delivered food when I just couldn’t do one more thing after Art died. I was one of their early customers. And…they deliver in just 30-minutes! Apparently, they operate small stores in key areas of cities so they can deliver to your neighborhood quickly.

My favorite thing to order on Yummy used to be Hagan Daz Vanilla Ice Cream. It was the dessert of choice for Art and me, every Thursday, over a game of backgammon, naked if the kids were in bed. TMI?

Delivery fee is $6.99 with a minimum order of $14.99

They cater too! (But not in 30-minutes!)

I am a big fan of Costco and if your friend with cancer is, then check out Google Express Costco. You or your friend with cancer will need a Costco membership. (Or you can go Google Shopping and buy something random.) As with most delivery services, some prices on the site may be higher than in-store prices.

Whatever service you choose to use be sure that you set clear boundaries. Are you going to set up an account for her that she can spend a certain amount every month? Do you expect to be reimbursed? Who's going to order them? If you are shopping for them, when will your friend with cancer be home for the delivery?

Clarity is HUGE gift for your friend with cancer because your goal is to make life a little easier for them. Do NOT ASSUME ANYTHING. You are the anti-burden friend!

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