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My New Year’s Resolution is...⁠

To spend 520 minutes expressing my gratitude!

That's only 10 minutes a week so don't be too impressed.

But I’m tricking myself. If I tell myself that I'm spending 10-minutes a week, I know it'll take longer than that, but committing to 20 minutes a week feels too much. :)

Also, I have deemed cards, letters and texts are the only acceptable form cause it just feels so good to SEE gratitude!⁠

But I don't like resolutions. They don't take into consideration restarts and redirections. They don't consider the emotional landscape that makes us humans and wildly unpredictable especially when we're in a hot state. (Hot state = when your mind if focused on one thing and chucks all reason out the door. ie. an affair that could ruin your career, buying and eating chocolate cake on your way from work, stealing. Hot states know no reason.)

But this isn't a resolution. It's an act of love ... to myself.

My friend’s mother died on Saturday. She and her husband let me live with them and their daughter (my friend) during my senior year when things got rocky at home. It was a good arrangement. They were living in PA having moved for a job. They were happy to have their youngest have company. My parents were happy to have me safe and I was happy to be out of the house.

I did not really understand the gift they gave me until later in my life. As with many things, the older I got, the more appreciative I became.

I don’t think I ever said thank you to them.

The guilt I feel hurts my soul. I've felt this before (lots) and I would like NOT to feel that again.

And I would like to let the many, many other people in my life past and present know how they have made my life better.

So that is why I’m committing this act of love. I have a lot of people I need to write to! It’s important that they know that they made a difference to me.

I want 2020 to be my most fulfilling year yet so I have to do some mental clearing out.

Do you need to say "I appreciate you" to someone in your life, past or present? Join me this Saturday at 11 am (PT) on Instagram Live (@100ActsofLove) for an "I appreciate you" writing session. We'll make lists of people we need to thank, laugh and write!

Why do this? The best way to feel good is to take good action. You CAN act your way into love. That's pretty cool!😎 ⁠

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