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This is NOT A Stupid Inspiring Post

I just spent about 3 hours over the last few days trying to construct this meaningful, inspiring post. One that would leave you feeling full and content and cared for. I wanted to write a post that would move you to be being kind to ugly dogs and mean strangers in the opposite political party, the kind of post that would change how you show up in the world forever.

But then I just said," F&*# it! That's silly!"

Besides, plenty of people on LI, Instagram, and other social media sites are doing that. And honestly, while sometimes I find it inspiring, I often move to the next post and forget about the inspiring message that just made me nod yes two seconds ago!

So instead of all that, you're getting this.

Thank you.

Thank you for getting up today. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for showing up. Just thank you because …

You matter.

You have vast powers. Maybe your life is very far from where you hope to be. Maybe life is looking crappy and overwhelming, but please don't believe the lie that says you have no effect on others; you do. I find that both inspiring but problematic, right?

I love you.

Not for anything that you have done but because you are you. You and I have something in common, we have made a crapload of mistakes, some really embarrassing ones! We have hurt people unintentionally also intentionally. We have the scars to prove that we have survived; some are still tender to the touch. And we are still here. You and me, we get another day, and that is truly a present!

So that is all I have to say! Thank you for being you.

It is exactly who I need in my life right now. It's exactly who we all need.

Merry Christmas!

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