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This Sucks

There is only one word to describe how I feel today, sad.

Sadness is a hard emotion because, most of the time, we don’t want to feel it. We are afraid of it. It can tell us lies, making us believe that we will never be “unsad.”

But feeling sad is so essential.

Here is what I have learned about sadness and grief.

You have to feel it. There is no getting around, over, or under it. You can’t eat, drink, drug, or anger way past it.

The only way is through.

You do not need a reason to feel sad. (Although the shooting yesterday and the one last week are reasons plenty!)

Sadness does not need a label.

It just is.

It’s heavy.

It’s dark.

It feels all-encompassing.

It can feel like it will never end.

But I can promise you one thing, it passes.

So if you are feeling sad today, that’s ok. You're ok.

Have a cry or several.

Express your sadness to friends and coworkers.

Ask for that hug.

The sadness suck AND

…from it comes the love, the connection that makes our lives beautiful and worth living.

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