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Why I say "died" and not "passed away."

The Power of Words: Delving into 'Die' versus 'Passed Away' in the Context of Death

This is a photo of my late husband, Art.

He died. I talk about death a lot. (I train and coach managers on how to be effective leaders and grow resilient teams after an employee's death.)

It is common for people to use the term "passed away" instead of "died." I think it's our way of softening the blow or showing respect. But I also think it’s not the right word to use.

Watch the video to see the four reasons why I think we should be using died and not passed away.

But even if you don’t, here is the gist of it…using the word "died" is honest and real. and allows us to confront the reality of death and cherish that we are still breathing … for the moment.

To me, the words you choose to talk about death matter.

Book a strategy call today to learn how to support your team dealing with employee death and cultivate a high-performing, resilient team in crisis.

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