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4 Shocking Errors Managers Make When Handling Employee Loss

I don't think leaders or HR set out to make these four shocking errors when it comes to an employee's death.

But they happen.

A lot.

And they can cost your organization revenue and person power which equals revenue.

The intangible kind. They cost the company productivity and engagement, resulting in absenteeism and quitting.

No one wants to work for a company that doesn't seem to care when an employee dies, yet when leaders and HR make these errors, it seems like they don't care.

2:26 Mistake #1

4:00 Mistake #2

6:07 Mistake #3

7:41 Mistake #4

Making errors is part of being a leader. Admitting it and doing better is what resilience is all about.

👋🏾 Hi, I'm Kim! I’m a speaker who teaches businesses how to create resilient leaders when there is a team crisis such as the death of an employee.

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