Aha!! Found you!

You know when the world seems to crack open for you. All those little baby ideas just align so cleanly that your brain almost buzzes? That’s an AHA moment!

While working on 100 Acts of Love, I've had 100s of AHA moments. They are so exciting and make me feel all giddy inside. I often have to refrain from running outside and sharing my AHA with a total stranger! Below are three of my top 10 AHA's so far.

  1. When I realized that very few people were focused on helping friends, family members, or co-workers find ways to be genuinely and authentically offer support that matters to those they care about with cancer.

  2. When I realized that my HR career and supporting employees with cancer are a PERFECT match! So I started building a consulting business to support HR professionals. (New website coming soon.)

  3. Seeing how my book and blog were actually helping people! (I went through my emails from last year, I had 89 messages from people who thanked me for making supporting their friend with cancer easier! (7 messages were from people WITH cancer!)