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Art Never Got to See This

Sometimes my book makes me sad.

Art never got to read it. He wasn’t alive when I decided to write it.

Sometimes I look at the book, and sad-smile, remembering all that love that showed up for Art.

I often get asked how I wrote it.

My usual answer is, "I wrote it by writing 17 minutes a day." Then, after I get the puzzled look of why 17, I go explain why 17 and not 15 or 20.

Writing this book came from such a deep place that I cannot explain. I couldn't NOT write it.

It was scary as f*@^ to let others read it but the drive to get it out of my was stronger than the fear.

I wrote this book so you, a person who wants desperately to help but doesn’t know what to do, could take meaningful action quickly, confidently, and with love.

I wrote it so you could feel the relief wash over you the same way the relief washed through Art and I when someone showed up for us.

I wrote this book because I want you to know to have 100 clear and specific ways to show love to someone you care about without questioning yourself!

I wrote this book so they could find the courage to show up and to act like you matter because you do!

I got a call from my friend Chris just two days ago at 7 am. Chris had skin cancer at 29. He's now 32. This is the story that he shared.

"I lent your book to a buddy of mine whose friend has lung cancer. My buddy came running up to me last night at a client event. He said, 'Chris, I did it! I went over a week ago and filled my friend's car with gas. His wife called me afterward and said it was the most helpful thing someone had done for them. I'm going to keep doing it!' He was so happy to have done something that mattered.”

Fill Their Car with Gas is Act of Love #52

Then Chris said to me, "I need to order another book. I don't think I'm getting my copy back."

There are so many other big things in life to worry about, what to say to a friend or coworker in crisis, shouldn’t be one of them!

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