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Whatever You Think You Know About Cancer, Question It!

This is my friend Cooper. What I love about him is his deep and never-ending sense of curiosity. I am NEVER bored when I'm talking to him or attending one of his parties with his unique friends.

I love his creativity. I love his wanting to know the world better. I love his drive for relational interactions, those that build connection and leave people feeling all warm, fuzzy, heard, and thinking differently.

I also love that he thinks I'm funny and brings out my weirdness. (kooky smiley face, with nerd smiley face)

When an employee is diagnosed with cancer, many managers and HR leaders become transactional in their interaction, asking questions like "What can I do for you?"

At the same time, their relational transactions, which build morale, community, and well-being, decrease.

He just came out with iquestioncards, and I really want you to buy them… for your team, for your family, for your next party. We all want to connect, to be seen and heard, and the best way I know how to do that is to ask questions.

You can learn more and buy your deck HERE.

Special thanks to Cooper for his willingness to always be silly with me!

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