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Buy Her a Lullaby

Good morning!

I thought of this tip just now as I was waking up.

Buy her an eye mask!

Look … chemo may make your friend really drowsy and sleeping during the day can be a challenge. This is a simple and easy way to help your friend!

I like this eye mask for a few reasons:

  1. It’s super soft. I usually don’t have eye-mask-face when I wake up. :-D And if I do, it doesn’t last as long as sheet-wrinkle-face does!

  2. It has these deep cups so her or his eyes won’t press against the material.

  3. It has an adjustable head strap for when her head grows. (Just kidding, chemo won’t make her head grow! But on a less funny note, if she or he loses their hair, it will adjust to the lack of volume AND … on a better note, as their hair grows back it’ll adjust that way too!)

  4. It comes in all sorts of different colors. This color matches the blanket I use on flights so I am color coordinated which is not important at all but it makes me happy!

  5. This puppy is super durable too! My last mask lasted me, I think, two years? Or something like that.

Also I use mine when I mediate in the am.

Bucky is the name of the company. You can purchase their masks here (

Lastly, remember ...

you matter!

There is no one like you in the world! (You awesome person, you!) And your friend with cancer needs that person to show up!

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